[Finance] How does finance participate in the company's operation and management

Finance participate in operation and management

So what should finance do to truly participate in operation management? First of all, we must understand what the boss’s basic requirements for finance are?

So, what are the basic financial requirements of most private company bosses?

The boss hopes that the finance can:

  1. Ensure the safety of finance funds.

  2. Understand and master all aspects of business and operation through finances. Especially bosses with several different business sectors have particularly strong requirements in this regard. The focus here is on basic accounting work. and to ensure that the number and statistics can be obtained according to the needs of the business.

  3. Analyze various problems in business and operation, and help him point out the direction of management.

  4. Control and even lower costs and expenses within a reasonable range. Go deep into the business process and monitor all aspects of the business process. Design an internal control system by understanding all aspects of the business process.

  5. Manage KPI through budget. The most important thing is to combine with budget to help the boss make the reasonable KPI that everyone recognizes and can accept.

  6. Reduce tax burdens as much as possible and avoid tax risks, and even hope that they can help solve the tax risks left over from history.

As for the needs of investment and financing, only a few private companies will be involved, and most of them will be involved after the above requirements are met.