[Fedora NoMachine] Install NoMachine to connect remote host on Fedora

NoMachine on Fedora

NoMachine, tailored for personal use, allows you to connect from your computer to the desktop of another computer with NoMachine software installed.


Install NoMachine on the first computer

Download and save the RPM file.

# Linux AMD64, RHEL 4.4 or later, Fedora 10 or later 
$ curl -O nomachine_7.9.2_1_x86_64.rpm https://download.nomachine.com/download/7.9/Linux/nomachine_7.9.2_1_x86_64.rpm

Install the package by using the graphical package manager provided by your Linux distribution or from command line by running:

$ sudo rpm -i nomachine_7.9.2_1_x86_64.rpm

See NoMachine - Download Free Remote Desktop Access - https://www.nomachine.com/download to learn more.

Install NoMachine on the second computer

Now go to your second computer, the computer that you want to connect from.

Download and install NoMachine per the steps above.

Remotely connect to one computer from the other

Add a connection insert the IP address you wrote down earlier in Host. Provide a memorable name for your connection.

Image of NoMachine's Add connection panel to configure a remote access connection


[1] NoMachine - Download NoMachine for /Linux - https://www.nomachine.com/download/download&id=1

[2] NoMachine - NoMachine (free version) – Installation and Configuration Guide – Knowledge Base - https://knowledgebase.nomachine.com/DT10R00166