[Awesome Remote] Neverinstall: The fastest way to run desktop apps remotely


Neverinstall is a powerful platform for accessing desktop applications through the browser.
Say goodbye to slow and laggy machines.


  • Your browser is the new operating system.

  • Your apps are 10x faster than your local machine.

    When you run multiple apps at the same time, they take up a lot of compute and memory. This makes the apps run slower. Neverinstall frees up resources by running these apps on powerful machines in the cloud through your browser.

  • You can see & do things together.

    Neverinstall is an excellent tool for designers and developers who collaborate on a single project. You can see what they’re doing and decide how to respond. You can see their cursors and, if necessary, request controls.

  • Save your money & never upgrade your computer.

    Neverinstall saves you time and money by doing all the heavy lifting in the cloud. It allows you to focus on your core competencies. Neverinstall lets you work from anywhere without having to install any software.

  • Remote apps as easy as internet websites.

    Neverinstall lets you develop from anywhere without having to install any software. You can access your workspaces via a browser, share your code with other developers and collaborate in real-time.

  • Never download & never install apps.


[1] neverinstall | Your browser is the new operating system - https://neverinstall.com/